This is merely the opinion of an anonymous follower of The Process.

1. What is The Process Church Of The Final Judgment?

It is extinct cult, it is it is a living church. It is a psychotherapy instruction, it is a religious text. It is an atheist ideal. It is however you take the words and it is the answer and it is the question.

2. Who was/is Robert DeGrimston and where is he now?

This site has no comment to make on this. His Wikipedia is a good place to start.

3. What is the history of The Process Church Of The Final Judgment?

This author has no qualifications to answer this. Timothy Wyllie is a rare individual who has – he made this interview.

4. How can I join?

There is no need to join a defined chapter, by definition of the teachings. But for the best place to begin, try The Society Of Processeans.

5. What is the lingering attraction of The Process?

The strength of Robert DeGrimston’s teachings. You can get many of them here and judge yourself.

You will have more questions than answers, regardless of how far into the Writ you are.